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What is Lagniappe? [ lan-yap ]
Lagniappe is a little unexpected something extra given to a customer. Lagniappe is primarily a Louisiana French term, although it is derived from American Spanish and Quechua. It has scattered usage in the east and west, it is most common in New Orleans, Lower Mississippi and East Texas. The same way Crawfish, Creole and Cajun food are common to those areas. 


________ __Lagniappe Energy Land Consultants LLC.___
Lagniappe's focus is on the management and development of upstream oil and gas assets, by providing professional Land Services to our clients.

It is a company committed to meeting the needs of its clients, and providing them with the very best oil & gas land services possible to assist them in achieving their goals in a cost effective manner. We do this and a little something extra.

No matter If you area mineral owner wanting to know if an offer to lease measures up to offers made in the surrounding areas or if you need an analysis of the proposed lease terms to determine if you will receive the maximum financial benefit from your lease. We can help

If you are a law firm requiring expert advice for your client, a small start up company requiring assistance in managing its assets, or a large Oil & Gas Company requiring assistance with an Acquisition & Divestiture, Due Diligence or a special project. Lagniappe can help you resolve your company's land issues. 

"You can get land work done cheap or you can get it done right".  Call us when you want it done right.      

Remote services available nationwide.      

Services We Provide:

Our onsite or remote reasonable fee services include but are not limited to:
  • Due Diligence
  • Title Opinion Review and Securing Curative
  • Asset Management
  • Contract Review and Preparation 
  • Oil & Gas Lease Review
  • Contract Record Maintenance (Tobin & Quorum Data Bases)
  • Acquisition and Divestitures
  • Title Review
  • Pre-Lease Terms Review 
  • Oil & Gas Pre-Lease Orientation 
  • Understanding The Oil & Gas Lease Process 
  • Land Issues Research
  • Plugging and Abandonment  Research
  • Lease and Contract File Research 
  • Negotiations
  • Lease Provisions Interpretation & Analyzation
  • JOA Provisions Interpretation & Analyzation 
  • Supervision of Field Landmen
  • Data Integrity Projects

What we deliver:
We simply deliver access to whatever knowledge or expertise necessary to solve your land issues or accomplish your land objectives. What sets us apart from the others is that we can accomplish this in a professional manner. You can also choose from a variety of consulting formats:

       Telecommute ConsultationsConsultation
        from  a remote location via PC.      

Telephone Consultations: One-on-one or teleconferences with select experts.
In Person Meetings: At your offices or our offices or specified location.
Long or Short Term Assignments:Carried out by  knowledgeable Consultants onsite, our offices or a specified location.

Totally Confidential

DIVIDENDS ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
A familiar saying in the oil industry is "You're only as good as your last job." Reputation goes a long way in this business. So if a company is to be respected  and profitable,  employees need to know what to do and how to do it right. So when it comes to training much is at stake. Quality, reputation and profits are easily damaged by a lack of training. Training improves performance and enhances competence.
Contact Lagniappe Energy Land Consultants for your Land training at: oilandgas@ for more information.    

Do you have a Data Integrity Project or a serious backlog that needs your attention immediately?
Call us we can help.

We're Lagniappe Energy Land Consultants. " We do a little something extra" Call us @281-303-5516 or email us

Last minute project?  Call us now!!!

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